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We have multiple pregnant momma cats in our feral colony. We will soon be in need of many fosters for these mommas and their kittens! If interested in fostering, please conact us HERE. If you do not have experience with baby kittens, we'd be glad to train!

Davey's KitCats would not survive without the help of fosters! We have many kitties in the feral colony we care for that are super friendly and would love to move inside, but without more foster homes, we just do not have the room for them. If you are interested in becoming a foster, please contact us Stefanie, or use our contact form found under the Contact tab. Thank you!

Still Not Sure It's For You?

There's a term, it takes a village to raise a child.
It's much the same when it comes to aking a difference
for our furry friends.

One person CAN make a difference. But the more
people we have, the more we can save.

For fostering, all that's needed is :
a good home, patience, and a caring heart.

We even supply all the food, litter, and medical
needed for the cats or kittens.