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This is for our special fans, who might be having some trouble working the PAWS system of links and pages under our banner on every page.

Our web-guru worked hard on that, and refuses to take it down. But realizes the concept could confuse some.

(This is where you will find our opening page and intro)

Who Is Davey?
(Welcome to DAVEY, and his wonderful world! He is where we began)

(Here, we beg for money, food, litter, toys, kitty medication, and volunteers. All of which is desperately needed to help make Davey's run)

(Come meet all our WONDERFUL kitties. Who are desperate for love, and good people and homes to call their own)

(The more fosters we get, the more we have room for and can save. Please consider fostering for Davey's)

(We are always needing help at events and shows. We offer Community Service for schools hours. And all-including transportation- is tax deductible!)

(If we've got something going, you'll hear about it here! Make plans and come join us!)