Our Mission

Our mission is to save the lives of feral cats by performing, and promoting, trap-neuer-return.  

Why TNR?

Trap-Neuter-Return involves humanely trapping feral cats and having them spayed or neutered, vaccinated, ear tipped, and then returned to their original location.  This practice helps limit the cat population and allows ferals to live their best lives!  Colonies that have had TNR performed are fed and monitored regularly by caretakers.   

Feral cats who enter shelters are the first to be euthanized for space.  So, it is important to not call animal control over a feral cat issue unless there are no other options or unless one of the cat is injured.  Instead, reach out to a local feral cat rescue!

Where are ferals returned to?

Ideally, ferals are returned to their original location after TNR has been performed.  However, in very rare situations, it is necessary to rehome an entire feral cat colony.  

We at Davey's KitCats are currently dealing with this situation with our main colony.  The land the colony sits on is being sold to a developer and will be turned into a 60 townhouse development.  Therefore, it is NOT SAFE for the cats to remain where they are.  This is one of those rare times when the cats need to find barn homes (or a cat lover with lots of land!) who is willing to take in all or some of the feral cats.  This requires very careful transistioning and a lot of patience.  But it is possible.

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