We need volunteers who can help with:


Transport to and from spay/neuter clinics

The clinics we use are located in Fredericksburg and Richmond.

Adoption Events and Fundraisers

Represent the KitCats at our events!  Help get cats & kittens adopted and fundraise for the KitCats all while educating the public about our mission and TNR.

Cleaning the KitCat Barn

The KitCat Barn is located in South Stafford on the property of our founders.  Volunteers are needed to help clean up after the kitties; duties would include:  scooping litterboxes, cleaning and refilling food & water dishes, sweeping, mopping, cleaning crates, etc.  Socializing with the KitCats is one of the perks of this job!!

KitCat Laundry

Laundry piles up quickly with the KitCats and it helps to have extra help!   If you are willing, consider picking up a load of laundry to wash and dry for the KitCats.


Co-founder, Stefanie, is the main trapper we have right now and she could use some help!  Never trapped before? NO worries! Stefanie can teach you!

Volunteer Applications

Please fill out the appropriate application (minor or adult) and email to admin@daveyskitcats.org.